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About Funding & Scholarships 2

Funding- an MBA admit’s inevitable dilemma! If you thought the application process was gruelling, then wait till you are admitted. I have spent the past few weeks working extra hard on sorting out funding for my INSEAD MBA. It has been one helluva experience…and I’m not done yet!

Here is how my funding situation looks as at today (tuition only):

  1. Scholarship (INSEAD): 25%
  2. External Scholarship: 12%
  3. Prodigy: 63% (I have 3 months left to reduce this drastically as I am extremely debt averse)

The interesting bit about this stage of the process is how a lot of things unfold which affect individual decisions and how timelines are never in sync. Scholarship decisions are released at differing times and timelines (INSEAD & others) on financial commitments seem to be cast in stone.

Work on the other hand has taken a horrendous toll on my health and I have had to take time off work intermittently in the past few weeks. A long vacation looms on the horizon and i will spend time travelling and detoxifying my body. The thought of this alone is refreshing…

So here’s where I stand:

  • Awaiting two more scholarship decisions that can hopefully enable me cut down on my prodigy loan (or not need it at all!)
  • Still searching for more funding opportunities (Never say never…)
  • Waiting to start my French visa application (cannot apply more than 90 days to start of MBA program)
  • Still deciding on housing (shared? studio? Cost is key here)
  • Trying to get a hang of all I need to do between now and December. Once the funding dilemma is fully sorted by end of September, I can focus on other things like visa application and housing
  • On the verge of turning in an early resignation late October, but let’s see how that goes. My boss is still unaware about my plans and I intend to keep it this way till then.

I have also come across a lot of articles recently on the justification/reasons for getting an MBA degree- ROI, Requirement for Entrepreneurship? and all sorts. Well, like someone in the 16J group rightly said “There are about 500 people in the 16J MBA class and that translates to 500 different reasons to get an MBA degree”. Simply put.

So whatever the current or future funding hassles may be, I have been admitted to the INSEAD MBA: I will look for funding, I will find funding and I will go to INSEAD!!!

Congrats to all R3 Admits. Amazing times ahead!


One comment on “About Funding & Scholarships 2

  1. ashima gupta
    April 2, 2016

    Hi, I am a 17J Insead admit. Can you pl. touch on which external scholarships you have approached which seem like a good bet?

    Thanks, Ashima


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