Journey to INSEAD

A Nigerian's journey to the Business School for the World

Fear not; it’s not over. Only believe!

Ever been at the point in your life when it seemed like all hope was lost and no solution was in sight?

Then suddenly comes help, from the least expected place or person. That feeling of relief, joy that gladdens your heart.

For a moment I don’t want to blog about just MBA related topics but a bit about my personal life. A life inspired by faith in God.

Some believe in hard-work, others believe in determination. I believe in GRACE. Through interactions with people from different walks of life, I came to understand that GRACE is grossly misunderstood even among Christians. Grace is not just a term to describe God (Gracious God, Lord of Grace) but it is an “unction” that can function in your favor as a believer.

So labor is rewarding, and determination can bring you success. But GRACE encompasses all: that which labor cannot yield and which determination cannot reach. Simply put, it is called undeserved favor, unmerited, not deserving by works.

Become grace-conscious today. No amount of labor or determination can replace that which grace gives.

So when faced with challenges as you go through the course of life remember this:

“Fear not; it’s not over. Only believe!”

My next post would be on MBA Financing in details and how I would be funding my INSEAD MBA.


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