Journey to INSEAD

A Nigerian's journey to the Business School for the World

About Funding & Scholarships…

Such relief! I feel very confident about my decisions so far regarding pursuing my MBA at INSEAD. I think back to when I started this journey and how much has been achieved and can only be grateful to God. There were days when my morale was too low to keep on, but I struggled and kept believing that it would all be worth it in the end.

I received a scholarship notification from INSEAD last week and I consider it a big relief. 25% tuition already secured and I am totally excited about this. MBA Funding remains a big challenge among many admitted candidates and can often be a deciding factor in one’s choice of what business school to attend. Unfortunately, the size of the scholarship war chest varies among the top business schools. While US MBAs take the lead in this regard, it is notable to mention how other top non-US MBAs have improved on scholarship funds to attract the best candidates and also increase representation from under-represented minorities.

INSEAD for instance, partnered with Olam International and have launched the INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarship for African Change catalysts. This scholarship is unique in that it covers the full cost of MBA tuition for the awardee, and is probably the highest value scholarship currently being offered by INSEAD. This is sure to attract the brightest African talents to INSEAD, not only for the value being offered but also because INSEAD ranks among the top 5 MBAs globally. Definitely a game-changer. Would be glad to see the number of African admits to INSEAD increase in the coming years.

So back to MBA planning. Still awaiting decisions on a few other scholarships (internal & external) and I am happy with the progress made so far. I am searching passively for housing but would get more active mid-September. I have just been moved to a new role at the office with a lot more responsibilities but I already have my mind made up for INSEAD. I have resumed in the new role and would probably negotiate a leave of absence with my employer as I understand there are no study leaves. Resignation is the only option in the event that this does not happen.

Fingers crossed. This week is pregnant with opportunities and good news. I feel it already!


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