Journey to INSEAD

A Nigerian's journey to the Business School for the World

Office, Bar or Coffee Shop?

Yeah, irrespective of what the location is, one thing is certain: your interviewers need to know if you would be a good fit for the INSEAD environment. I am finally done with the interviews (and tons of scholarship essays, whew!). Decided to drop a quick note on how it all went.

My first interviewer was the CEO of a large scale indigenous manufacturing firm. The interview held at his office and lasted about two hours. It was very conversational and we talked a bit about our different experiences working in the consumer goods industry and how things had greatly changed over the years. He attended INSEAD in 2001 so I did not really ask him specifics about life at INSEAD even though he still relieved his experience to me. He touched on all the questions INSEAD required of him to ask (why INSEAD MBA, post-MBA plans, what if INSEAD does not work out, where I see myself in 5 years, etc), but also tried to make the interview informal. He also shared his successes and failures in business since leaving INSEAD. For me, it was more than just an interview and overall I think it went well.

The second interviewer was a female senior manager at a leading multinational telecom firm from the 11J class and the interview lasted for over an hour. We met at a bar and her style was slightly different. More probing questions were asked, she seemed to be very interested in why I wanted an INSEAD MBA and surprised I did not apply to any other school. When we got talking about work and I mentioned that I was currently interviewing with an e-commerce firm (my choice industry post-MBA), she asked what I would do if I got an attractive offer from the firm. Well, you can guess my response and she totally agreed. Now is the time for an MBA! :-D

Overall, both interviews went pretty well. Apparently, there are few people that go to INSEAD and have negative things to say.

BTW, this whole process is not for the faint-hearted. Everything seems to be happening so fast and July 3 is not so far away. The wait continues…


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