Journey to INSEAD

A Nigerian's journey to the Business School for the World

Stage 2!

It was a tortuous wait after submitting my R2 application to INSEAD, looking at my mail box every other second and refreshing the INSEAD January 2016 intake page on I knew the decision on if I made it to the interview stage would not be ready till around May 29 yet anxiety enveloped me way before then. Unlike many other B-school applicants, I had applied only to INSEAD- for obvious reasons (refer to my first post on “The Journey Begins”). With only one B-school application in, I knew (and still know by the way) that there are no plan Bs. I either go to INSEAD come January 2016 or explore other executive education options as I move on with my career.

My motivation for an MBA and INSEAD is not far-fetched. I have a great job- one that most post-MBA students would jump at. I have been able to build a great reputation for myself at work and I know my boss has great plans for my career progression. So I am not exactly in a space of desperation. Getting an INSEAD MBA for me is a deliberate choice, one I had to consider for about two years before applying. This is the very first time I do not have a plan A to Z- big risk but I am very clear at this point that it is either INSEAD or nothing else (crazy huh?)

Now you can imagine the joy and bliss that enveloped my heart on May 29 when I woke up after taking a siesta and saw the mail I had been waiting for from my AO with the subject “INSEAD Interview Selection Round 2”. YES!!! I have made it through stage 1 and I am staying hopeful and positive all the way. It is quite crazy juggling all three- INSEAD preparations, work deliverables and family commitments but hey, I would probably have to do same next year if/once I make it through.

Scholarship essays are underway, interviews are being scheduled, work is taking me from city to city on almost a daily basis, my social life is on a downward spiral and family also needs my attention from time to time. I have decided to have a social life revamp by mid-July when I get time off work. Planning a trip to Accra, Ghana where I would spend a week doing nothing (Literally-now I think of Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song). Crazy times are ahead folks!

Snap! Snap!!- Reality check- three more scholarship essays to go and a bunch of meetings scheduled for today. Would be back to let you know about the interviews.


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