Journey to INSEAD

A Nigerian's journey to the Business School for the World

Letters, Essays and Valentine’s Day!

I have been staring at a blank MS Word document for hours. Not that I do not know what to write about, but it seems my heart is so full that any attempt to pour out its contents would leave me physically, emotionally and mentally drained. If technology was more advanced and I could connect a mind or heart reader to my body and have my thoughts about life and business school transferred to paper, it would have been better. Nevertheless, I have to start and hopefully express myself as much as I can in my essays.

So I have succeeded in getting three referees that are more than excited to write my recommendation letters. One is an ex-supervisor who happened to be my first line manager at my current employer, and the second is my current boss! Yeah, it is not an experience I want to go through again- having to discuss with my boss about my B-school dream just after getting a promotion to a senior manager role. Nevertheless, I had to spill the beans and manage my boss properly. I was totally amazed to see the excitement on her face and hear some words of encouragement. Sad that I wasted time bracing up for a moment that turned out more positive than I had expected. My third referee is also an ex-boss that I believe can comment more about my non-work related activities as we both lead a sustainability youth network. INSEAD does ask for only two reference letters but putting in three won’t hurt right? Guess so!

LORs complete, now time to write my essays. I decided to drop a note on the blog just to motivate myself enough to begin. I have a pictorial blueprint of pre and post B-school life somewhere in my brain…but now have to put it on paper. I think I would start with that blueprint and use it as a guide as I write. I guess if it was much easier writing love-letters in high school, then this should not be a problem.

Time to begin…Happy Valentine’s Day friends!


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