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DEBRIEF: My INSEAD Singapore MBA in-house visit

After fantasizing about life at INSEAD for over a year, I finally decided to attend an MBA in-house event. I was on an assignment in one of our business units in Asia Pacific and with Singapore just a three-hour flight away, the timing could not have been more perfect. I planned a three day visit, signed-up for the in-house event that held on the 28th of November, 2014 and flew into Singapore a day before.

Whatever you have heard about Singapore is probably true- this little country in Asia defines the word “MODERN”. Everything (almost everything) seems to work in Singapore-from the transportation system to the efficiency of virtually every system designed to work. I say this in comparison to a few countries I have lived in and visited, from Africa to the United States. Amazing place!

So, now my debrief. I arrived just in time for the MBA in-house event at the Singapore campus of the business school for the world. INSEAD Singapore campus is amazing, and equally as modern. One thing I was really fascinated about was the friendliness of everyone I met-current students, staff and even other participants at the event. In all, I think there were over one hundred participants at the event. We were all given name tags and split into two groups for the campus tour, led by two current MBA students.

I would say INSEAD is really top notch- their facility is above the standard you often see at other B-schools and the culture is so welcoming. As we toured the campus, I could not help but imagine myself studying within its wall, meeting awesome folks and contributing as much as I could to this community of like-minded folks. We wrapped up the tour some with some light refreshments before proceeding to the masterclass by Professor Balagopal Vissa titled “Expanding the Entrepreneurial Team” (A pre-read was sent before the event and had to do with deciding who was the best fit for the job of a CFO and COO, from three candidates shortlisted for each). This lasted for over an hour, and all I can say is that, if you really want to broaden your thinking and be a better decision maker, then you should listen to this man. The class was quite interactive, and the diversity of perspectives was also impressive.

Shortly after the masterclass, we had three current MBA students talk about their experience in the program and also answer questions from participants. There was a chap from South Africa who had worked in the banking industry for about seven years prior to INSEAD and who also had his wife in the program. There was also an aeronautical engineer (Asian) who was looking to switch to ops management and finally an asian lady with PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This went pretty well as there was a lot they could share of their own experiences prior to INSEAD and while at INSEAD.

The day ended well with a networking session. I met really cool folks, current students and aspiring INSEADers. We talked about everything, from INSEAD to personal life to future aspirations.

I walked out of the INSEAD Singapore campus with just one thing hanging on my mind- if I was ever going to do an MBA, the INSEAD MBA had to be it!

Stay tuned! I will post shortly about my experience taking the GMAT test.


One comment on “DEBRIEF: My INSEAD Singapore MBA in-house visit

  1. cleo
    February 5, 2015

    Looking forward to hearing your experience from the mba at insead. CHEERS. ……


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